Welcome to the Gamealot 2014 webpage.

Gamealot is on September 5, 6, and 7 2014 at Mission: Fun & Games. 

Gamealot is 2.5 days of board games and card games with the entry fee and funds from door prizes and raffles all going to the St. Albert Food Bank.  You, the gamers, get to decide what games you want to host and possibly teach people, as well as what games you would like to play simply as participants.

Ideally, for every 3 games each person PLAYS in, they also HOST 1 game session and teach others.

You can run events all weekend or just for a few hours.

Check the About section to see the entrance fee and what sort of prizes are available.   

Click here for the calendar of the games scheduled.
You need to have an account to create events and become a participant
To get an account to create events and become a participant, go here

We are also looking for volunteers to help with the sign in desk and the loot distribution, as well as anything else.
If you want to volunteer to help out during Gamealot then sign up for the volunteer event and let us know what hours you can work from and till.

No outside (not purchased in the store) food/drink will be permitted in the store. Coffee, tea, and homemade sandwiches are fine (be wary of allergies).