Since 2000, a weekend of geek madness dubbed Gamealot has been run at Mission: Fun & Games. It starts Friday about 6pm, and runs until about Sunday 6pm. Gamealot is many things:

Entry fee:
Bring about $7 - $10 worth of goods on Friday about $15 worth of goods on Saturday about $10 worth of goods on Sunday or about $20 worth of goods for the whole weekend.

Food Bank Needs:

Flour Sugar Salt Oatmeal & Instant Breakfast Oatmeal

Canned Milk/ Powdered Milk Coffee Tea Canned Soups & dry soup cups

Canned Fruit Diapers (all sizes) Granola Bars Kraft Dinner

Pancake Mix & Syrup Crackers Canned Tomatoes Canned Meats*/Fish

Side Kicks Hamburger Helper Fruit Cups/Pudding Cups Canned Vegetables

Baby Formula Personal Care Items Tomato/Paste Pasta Sauce




Also known as...swag.  Prizes are in three main a categories:
  1. Door Prize - One biggie each day.  Your ticket at the door is the one one for the door prize.  So far,  we look like we will have a dartboard   with Cabinet,  Settlers of Catan Main and Expansion set,
  2. Hourly draws - Each player gets one ticket for the hourly draw for each our of game playing, rounded down.  The host gets one extra ticket.  Enter them into the hourly draw box.  Prizes here are plentiful to choose from.  Games,  Cards, puzzles,  water bottles.... 
  3. Prize for each event table - Thanks to one of our suppliers,  we have a collector;s deck of NHL game playing cards to give away at every event that is preregistered.  This will be done in a random draw by the moderator.